Seauto Sea-Crab Cordless Pool Vacuum, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Gray

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Experience the Ultimate Pool Cleaning with Seauto Sea Crab Cordless Pool Vacuum! Powered by a brush-less motor for unmatched suction performance, this cordless robot makes pool maintenance a breeze!  With its large battery capacity, it cleans in ground and above-ground pools up to 50 ft for up to 90 minutes!  No more messy tangles, the Sea-Crab is hassle-free and saves you time and labor costs. Its durable stainless filter ensures a longer lifespan, while the energy-saving wall reversing technology saves on energy. easy-to-use design, auto docking for easy retrieval, and worry-free1-year customer service!.

  •  POWERFUL SUCTION - The Sea-Crab pool cleaner robot offer 45000 Pa which is fitted with front and back scrubbers.
  • 3D-NAVI TECHNOLOGY – The Quvas Seauto PPS-001 Series Sea Crab pool cleaning vacuum leverage the the most update 3D Navigation Technology
  • CORDLESS CONVENIENCE – The Sea-Crab is battery-operated, freeing you from the hassle of connecting to a power supply. Effortlessly clean the pool bottom and save time and labor costs.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS FILTER - Ensure lasting performance with QuVas Seauto Sea-Crab. Featuring an upgraded stainless filter screen, it resists corrosion and deformation from continuous water flow, prolonging the pool cleaner's lifespan
  • EXTENDED RUNTIME - Enjoy uninterrupted pool cleaning sessions. Sea-Crab boasts a large-capacity rechargeable battery and energy-efficient brush-less motor, offering up to 90 minutes of runtime.



Robot Size

16.75 x 15.15 x 9.87 inch (LXWXH)

Robot Weight

19.20 Lbs.

Product Package Size

20.00 x 18.00 x 12.50 inch (LXWXH)

Product Package Weight

26.60 Lbs.









Auto-Dock Low Battery


Applicable Pool Shapes

Suitable for in-ground pools

Applicable Pool Size

Up to 1614 sq ft

Water Depth Supported

1.6-16.4 ft / 0.5-5 m

Water PH Value


Motor Type


Control Algorithm

Dual independent motor differential control

Walking Motor QTY


Suction Motor QTY


Moving Speed

60 ft/min

Flow Rate

80 GPM

Drive Type

2 Wheels

Filter Type

1x filter - Replaceable

Filter Density

250 μm

Debris Type

Leaves, Algae, Stones, Pollen, Soil

Replaceable Battery


Battery Life Cycle

500 recharging cycles / 10000+ hours

Battery & Capacity

Lithium 18650 - 7800mAh

Audio Prompts


LED Prompts


Waterproof Level



CE / RoHS / UL / FCC

Power Of Motor



100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Of Charge


Charging Time

2 - 2.5 hours

Working Time (per charge)

90 mins


Assembly Required


Level of Assembly


Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install



Machine Warranty


Battery Warranty


Machine Warranty Length

1 Year

Battery Warranty Length

1 Year

Full or Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty


  • 1 x Sea Crab Pool Cleaner Robot
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Retrieval Hook
  • 1 x Filter Basket
  • 1 x User Manual QV_PMU_QV-HGPPS-0001-GY_033024

    Question 1: Is this pool vacuum suitable for use in various pools, or does it require remapping each time it changes pools? How long does the remapping process take, and does the vacuum continue cleaning during remapping? Answer: This pool vacuum is designed for versatility and can be used in both above-ground and flat inground pools. If used in an inground pool that dips down a few feet, it should still map according to the settings you set. The remapping process typically depends on the pool size and settings. While remapping, the vacuum may continue cleaning to ensure efficient operation.


    Question 2: I have an above-ground vinyl liner pool. Could there be any potential issues with using this vacuum? Answer: This vacuum works exceptionally well for above-ground vinyl liner pools without any significant issues. Despite some mixed reviews, many users have found it to be highly effective in vinyl lined 18' above-ground pools. It efficiently picks up small leaves, bugs, and other debris, making pool cleaning a breeze.


    Question 3: How effectively does this pool vacuum pick up fine dirt particles? Does it tend to push them around instead?

    Answer: This pool vacuum generally does a good job of picking up fine dirt particles from the pool water. It handles most fine particles well, but larger items like pine needles might occasionally be left behind. If you're looking for a vacuum specifically focused on fine particle pickup, you might consider the QTOMOP, which offers excellent results, although it might be slightly more challenging to lift out of the pool.


    Question 4: Does this pool vacuum have a self-cleaning function for the filter or debris collection?

    Answer: Shark comes equipped with a self-cleaning function for the filter. This feature ensures that the vacuum remains efficient throughout the cleaning process, minimizing maintenance efforts.


    Question 5: What is the recommended pool size for optimal performance?

    Answer: Shark is recommended for use in above-ground and flat inground pools up to 2150 square feet in size. It's specifically designed to provide optimal performance in pools within this size range.


    Question 6: Can this pool cleaner handle larger debris such as acorns or pebbles?

    Answer: Shark is primarily designed to handle fine and medium-sized debris but may have difficulty with larger items like acorns or pebbles. For larger debris, manual removal before using the vacuum is recommended.


    Question 7: Is the pool vacuum easy to store, and does it require any disassembly?

    Answer: Yes, Shark is designed for easy storage. It's compact and can be conveniently stored in a garage or pool shed. Additionally, no disassembly is required for storage, making it hassle-free.


    Question 8: How does this pool vacuum handle corners and steps in the pool?

    Answer: Shark is equipped with advanced navigation technology to efficiently clean corners and steps. It can navigate around pool edges and steps to ensure thorough cleaning throughout the entire pool.


    Question 9: What is the noise level of the pool vacuum during operation?

    Answer: Shark operates with low noise levels, ensuring a peaceful poolside experience. It's designed to minimize disturbances and allows you to enjoy your pool without loud distraction

    Product Enhance Features

    Shark Smart Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Enjoy the pool time with your friend and family.

    Power & Battery Status

    The QuVas Seato-Shark build with LED indicator allow you know the batter status..

    QuVas_Seauto_Pool_Robot_Shark_ Cordless
    Waterline Cleaning

    Powerful waterline cleaning function to make your swimming pool cleaner.

    Stair Cleaning

    It can help you clean pool steps easily and let you have more leisure time.

    Watering Filter

    Obstacle detected,self-adjusting posture to get rid of trapping situation.

    Self Parking Technology

    Automatically stop along the nearest wall after the cleaning is done or if battery is lower than 10%, just retrieve it to out.